Best Real Estate Website design

January 25, 2018
Best Real Estate Web Design

Image for 8 Examples of Hot Real Estate Web Design Trends in ActionJust like any creative art, real estate web design trends are constantly changing. While some become fads and fade out with time, other design trends become classic features found in all the must-have websites.

As a real estate professional, you likely don’t have time to keep up with real estate website design trends – yet we know you want to have a great website that is not only beautiful, but also profitable. Ultimately, it is about bringing in leads and building your brand image.

With that said, we’ve curated some of the top real estate design trends so you can see them in action. Take some time to browse through the sites mentioned below and consider how adding any of these design trends to your website could help take it to the next level.

#1: Fully Responsive Website Design

Today’s consumers want your real estate website to be compatible with all of their mobile devices – even the ones that haven’t been invented yet. Not only does responsive website design make your website more functional, it also improves the user experience – making it easier for your viewers to interact with your site from all of their devices.

Staying ahead of the consumer in navigability and user-friendliness will always set your website apart. This is likely not a fad and something that will be here to stay.

#2: Full Screen Video Backgrounds

If full screen video backgrounds are done correctly, they can captivate your audience – keeping them on your site for much longer than a traditional, static website. Professional web designers integrate the fastest video loading technology with the most advanced graphics to create stunningly effective real estate websites.

This real estate trend uses crisp video upon entry to captivate the user from the beginning. A short welcome video that illustrates to your visitors what they will find turns into text snippets made of hidden action buttons that will lead them where they want to go.

Real Estate Website Web Site Design with IDX property Search
Real Estate Website Web Site Design with IDX property Search
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Real Estate Website
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