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December 22, 2015
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ByBogdan Sandu in Web Design

These one page websites have a very interesting and useful concept by showing you concise information on a single page, having there everything you need about that website and nothing more which is really good if you don’t want to waste time and be effective instead.

In this article you will find 33 examples of some of the best one page websites designs or single page websites for inspiration.

Tribe – Video messaging

With millions of messages already sent, Tribe helps you enjoy your daily conversations like never before. Tap and hold a friend’s picture to record up to a 15 second video message, which is immediately sent to their phone to be watched at their convenience.

You can also send messages to existing groups you’ve created and chat like you’re all together. There is no need to use a tiny keyboard (like texting) or schedule anything (like in live video and phone calls). It’s so simple to use and beautifully designed that it allows you to save time and enjoy more real, fun, and natural conversations.

Flying Piñata

Everybody loves piñatas! Now you can get this ultimate party item delivered to your home by drone. Need to spice up your birthday party? Need something extra for the family gathering? Or maybe even suprise a good friend? No problem, just select when you want it and where you want it delivered, and experience the magic of the Flying Piñata yourself.

The Web Designer

The Web Designer is a weekly newsletter curated by designers for designers. We only offer you useful resources and freebies. It’s a promise.

Perth Device Lab

Perth Device Lab is a community space for testing web products on a range of devices and operating systems. Available to web and app devs.


RealView gives you practical insights on your personnel, so you can get rid of the “black sheep”. Even one ineffective employee on a minimum wage stacks up to expenditures you can’t afford, in funds and morale. Save real money on something as little as timely employee check-ins and outs. Promote real talent and get legally sound proof to terminate the slackers.

olerieu Nicolas

He’s a junior designer. He designs & builds digital products to promote brands and services.


A super-simple frustratingly-fun dice game for iPhone that rewards luck and penalizes greed. Compete against players around the world in their Daily Championship.

Live To Change

How social entrepreneurship can unleash the potential of young people, and how UnLtd have spent the past 10 years doing this.


They are a new, small, and nimble team of professionals with years of experience in web, content, and mobile design. Worked with: The North Face, LinearFlux, Diamond Tears headphone, CellScope, Bishop Ranch City Center, Photobucket, Intuit, Bureau of Trade, Ploom, Acer,

Adrian Cabrero

Adrian Cabrero is a New York City based photographer who shoots fashion, beauty, backstage, events, kids, and street


Arc is recruiting and consulting firm that builds bridges between like-minded creatives, companies and individuals.

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Single Page Webdesign
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