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February 21, 2016
Custom Design / Responsive

Small Business Web Development: So you own a small business? Like many others, the word “small” may just refer to the number of employees or desks in your office (or home office). This does not reflect on your capabilities, your potential, or your commitment.

SiteWhirks has been providing website development services for small businesses since 2000–it's where we started and we’ve stayed loyal to the entrepreneurial business owner to this day. Our business has grown to include websites for larger businesses and non-profit organizations alike. We’ve been fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of projects, which has given us the proper perspective to create a unique approach for each client. We love what we do–and our enthusiasm shows in our work. The possibilities and options are endless when developing a website, and the good thing is that you can add more as you go. We can a tailor specific package to fit a client’s exact needs, but our Professional Package is a great place to start:

Quality, custom website development that includes:

  • Website design–after our initial consultation, we start out developing your design layouts, which you will have within roughly 1 to 2 weeks. We will go through as many revisions as it takes to make you happy, as we do not set a limit on design revisions–it’s done when you say it is!
  • Site Build-Out and CMS–once the design layouts have been finalized, we will begin the build-out of the website, including all aspects of the back-end content management (CMS) console. This involves “chopping up” the website layouts into working, clickable pages, and prepping those pages for content, which will be integrated through the CMS. All work will be done on a development server, and we will provide you with a link to access the site for review when near completion.
  • Content Population–once the functionality of the system has been initially tested, we will assist in integrating all applicable content into the website, including text and images to the webpages. After all is complete, we will then perform a “beta launch” of the site, while still on the development server for full-board testing, and make any final adjustments as needed upon review with the client.
  • Training on CMS Features–once testing has confirmed that the site is ready, we will train you on how to use the CMS abilities, which is a very quick process (have we mentioned how easy it is to use our CMS? Call and ask our clients–they’ll tell you. Even better, call us–we’ll show you!)
  • Final Site Launch Prep–we will launch the site live with all features in place and operational on the live domain. As part of this process, we will activate a website statistics system which will track visitor behavior, and setup whatever email accounts are needed ( We will ensure that all applicable SEO keywords are coded in the proper places, a run a browser compatibility check to ensure that the site is functioning as intended across all major browsers.
  • Follow-Through–we are a one-stop-shop. We not only design and develop websites, but we also provide hosting for our clients, email services, and most of all–follow-up customer support long after site launch. We view our clients as web-partners…our success is tied to yours, and we will be there when you call (or email, or text, or Skype). We warranty everything we build–for as long as you own it!

eCommerce: Our clients constantly tell us that our proprietary eCommerce systems are the easiest to use in the industry. They allow our clients to easily manage product categories, add & remove items, upload images in bulk with built-in auto-resizing, setup product promotions and much more. When a purchase is made, everything is automated from shipping charges to email receipts. All you have to do is find a box to ship the item in, as every order is date stamped and stored in your admin area for retrieval.

There’s so much more we can show you!

Intranets & Custom Web Software:
Over the years we’ve built custom web-based applications for small businesses and Fortune 500 firms, who all had the same goal–to find a company that can build exactly what they envision and at the same time offer advice on what other features could be of benefit. A few examples of the challenges we’ve been presented with include:

  • The development of a secure online Patient Information System for a medical testing facility that allows doctors to securely sign-in over the web to retrieve patient data.
  • The development of a project management application allowing contractors, leasers, and property owners to login and post notes, documents, and mark the status of each phase of the projects.
  • The development of an online Mortgage Information System for a firm with multiple offices allowing staff to securely login from anywhere and track the phases of each mortgage.
  • A password-protected portal for agents from various real estate offices to login and have access to documents, training materials, videos, contact lists and more.
  • A secure back-end training portal that a large organization uses to manage referrals and mentoring contacts. This intranet contains hundreds of pages with user permissions, as well as built-in filters on the specific views given to specific clients.
Affordable Website Design and SEO for Small Business
Affordable Website Design and SEO for Small Business
small business web hosting and design london.
small business web hosting and design london.
Small Business Web Design Development in San Jose CA
Small Business Web Design Development in San Jose CA
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